[NEWS] Cher Lloyd to announce new single & album TODAY?
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[NEWS] Cher Lloyd to announce new single & album TODAY?

It seems as though we have been waiting for new Cher Lloyd music for months now, and it could be on its way sooner than we thought.

A number of new songs have been registered in recent weeks, which shows that Cher is working on something. Not only that, the star has been posting updates on Twitter stating that she is in and out of the studio. There was also that photoshoot she did for her third album in January which we saw nothing of after. “BTS my desert shoot. Coming soon. #CL3,” she wrote alongside the photos on Instagram at the time. So, is something coming?

Cher Lloyd’s manager, Sameer Sadhu took to his Twitter account yesterday to post the following message: “Thanks everyone to telling us about the leak! Super helpful! We are getting closer. See you tomorrow!”

Fans of Cher have taken that as a hint that new music from the former X Factor star is on the way. The tweet was posted at 1:52am UK time, which means it would have been around 6pm in Los Angeles, making ‘tomorrow’ now today… ahem!

In the tweet, Sadhu mentioned the ‘leak’, so we know that the tweet is more than likely referring to Cher as yesterday, a YouTube video appeared online containing snippets from a number of new songs. Two of the songs were apparently ‘Sneaker Kids’ and ‘Loaded Gun’, which have already been registered as new tracks.

If snippets from the two registered/confirmed tracks have leaked, then surely they must have been finished? Or maybe they could have just been rough demos. Who knows?

According to fans who are in the know, three other snippets were just demos of songs that apparently won’t feature on the album.

So, this is exciting, right? It looks like we could have more news about Cher’s third studio album very soon, and we are SO ready. It seems as though it has been a long time since we last had new music from Cher.

Are you as ready for new music as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below…

SOURCE: unrealitytv.co.uk

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