[NEWS] Cher Lloyd splits from Epic to work on her third album with Universal?
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[NEWS] Cher Lloyd splits from Epic to work on her third album with Uni...

The untitled LP will likely be released in late 2015 or early 2016

Whether you’re a fan of Cher Lloyd or not, you’ve probably read about the fiasco of her second album, Sorry I’m Late. Her sophomore LP was delayed multiple times by Epic Records and given a poor promotional push when its release date finally arrived, resulting in weak sales for a strong pop album. Cher’s frustration with her label caused her to walk away from her recording contract, but now she’s signed with Universal Music Group and already writing material for her third record.

A source revealed:

“Cher’s looking forward to a fresh start with some exciting new opportunities. She’s been hard at work on material already and wants to put the frustrations of 2014 behind her.”

Epic removed her name from their site late last year. Soon after, Cher’s website was updated with the Universal Music Group logo.

Unsubstantiated rumours point to a late 2015 release to try and regain some of the momentum that Epic threw away, though her third album may be delayed until 2016 while they recruit big producers to help craft the sound.

Source: clickmusic.com

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