Cher dishes on her Christmas tradition: ‘My whole family comes together’
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Cher dishes on her Christmas tradition: ‘My whole family comes togethe...

Cher Lloyd is looking forward to celebrating Christmas this year with her family. The singer has been busy in America promoting her album and sharing her singles, but for the holiday she will be heading home to have Christmas dinner with her family. On Monday the entertainer revealed some of her Christmas traditions to the listeners of 105.1 FM radio in Orlando and apparently she loves crafts.

“I make all the little name cards for the table on Christmas day. My whole family comes together and we all go to my Nana’s house and we all have Christmas dinner together. It’s been a tradition for years.”

Dishing on the best parts of Christmas it appears that the joy she gets from watching her family open her gifts is a big part of the holiday season for the singer. However she is also very excited about the gifts she bought for her dogs. The singer has two canines waiting for her back home and being the good owner, Cher already has bought stockings for the animals.

While the simplicity of holiday might be lost for some, it sounds like Cher Lloyd can hardly wait to share the holiday spirit with the people she loves. In fact it sounds like Cher Lloyd is going to have a happy holiday season!


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